Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Deliveries

What area are you covering with deliveries?

We deliver to all the addresses with postal codes in the following ranges:
1000 - 2669
2671 - 2679
2681 - 2689
2691 - 2930

What if my postal code is not in the list?

Contact us and we will find a solution.
Depending on the order needs we can work with other partners or we can do the delivery with our own car.

How much a delivery costs?

For orders larger or equal to 179.99 kr the delivery will have a flat cost of 39Kr.
For orders smaller than 179.98 Kr the delivery cost will be 84.5kr.

When are the cakes delivered?

Our delivery courier picks up the cakes from us each day at  12:00 and at 18:00 and delivers them after, one by one.
The delivery intervals are between 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 20:00.

Are the cakes handled with care?

Yes, the cakes are handled with care and are kept cold during transport.

I have a special event in a park. Can you deliver there?

Yes, we can. And in case you need a solution to keep the cakes cold for a longer time we can also help with thermo cases or even with a small refrigerator.

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