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Ordering Instructions for Downtown customers

Dear Downtown customer,


We have had 3 different vouchers on sale on Downtown.
Depending on when have you bought the voucher, different ordering methods applies.


If you have bought your voucher in 2020, you can order by filling the following form:


If you have bought the voucher in 2021, then please use the following instructions:


1A. If you have bought a "Downtown pack of 6 eclairs", please go to the following product:


1B. If you have bought a "Downtown pack of 12 mini eclairs", please go to the following product:


2. Add one product to your cart.

! You can only add one product per order.
! Your voucher will work only on this product.  Even if other products on our website might look similar, voucher will only work for the products linked here.

3. Go to the cart


4. Select pickup location, pickup date and time.


! If you can not select a specific date or hour means that we either reached our capacity for that date and place, either we are not open in that day/hour.
! Order has to be placed with at least 24 hours notice. 

5. Press "Check out"

! Please don't use the "Special instructions for seller" field to tell us the voucher number, the pickup date or to change the content of the box. The content of the box is fixed and can not be changed.
! Delivery is not possible for these products. 

6. Fill your email, name and phone number and press “Continue to shipping”


7. Press "Continue to payment"

8. Enter your voucher number using the exact format "XXXXXX-XXX" in the "Gift card or discount code" field and the button to the right to apply the code

! In case you see the error message "discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart", it means you have the wrong product in your cart so you have to go back to step 2, and add the right item to your cart.
! In case you see the error message "Enter a valid discount code or gift card", it means that either your voucher was not yet added to our database or it has been already used. 

9. Press "Complete order"

If everything was done right you will now see the order confirmation page.

You will also receive a confirmation email with all the order details, including date, hour and location for the pickup.

Please check the details in the email to see if everything is OK. In case you want to change the pickup details, please contact us.

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